MonthMarch 2019

God Is Your Comforter

Blog post by: Rayna Piazza Have you ever thought of God as the Comforter? When you lose someone you love, when you go through a tough time, what’s the one thing you need the most? Comfort. Comfort is the act of giving strength and hope to another. It is the beginning of freedom from pain. Comfort can also be described as to ease the grief or trouble of someone. As we encounter life’s difficulties Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit […]

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The Biggest Lie

Blog post by: Rayna Piazza The biggest lie I have believed is that I should run away from my pain, avoid my pain, not talk about or deal with my pain. OMG! I cannot believe how much this lie stole from my life! And, everywhere we turn today the messages we are fed through social media, billboards, and television are all geared toward feeling good in the moment. We hear things like, “Do what makes you happy” and “Let go […]

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