MonthNovember 2021

Meeting My Inspiration: Lynette Lewis

Picture of Lynette Lewis and Rayna Piazza with text overlay saying: "Meeting My Inspiration: Lynette Lewis"

Over 14 years ago I went to women’s night at my new church and listened to Lynette Lewis spill her heart and tell her story. She was so inspirational because she was real. Lynette opened up about waiting until she was 42 years old to get married to the man of her dreams. Not only did she marry the love of her life, she also inherited four beautiful sons and became a stepmom. As she spoke that evening at my […]

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Fertility Prayers and Decrees

Have you decided to start fertility treatment? I am sharing my fertility prayers and decrees that got me through my season of waiting. Let’s pray together and say these declarations together to call forth God’s will over our circumstances. Maybe you have been on your fertility treatment journey for some time now. Or you may have decided to go all natural and rely solely on Jesus? No matter what your decision is to pursue growing your family, God sees you […]

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