MonthOctober 2022

The Promise

As my baby naps next to me and I fold her laundry I feel so incredibly grateful. I have sat in this same living room heartbroken and in despair after miscarriage after miscarriage over the past few years. I had a promise from Jesus. It was the promise I had been standing on for over five years and I kept crying out to Jesus saying, “You said I will have a baby. Despite what I see, I believe You.” I […]

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Don’t Give Up

FIVE YEARS Y’ALL!!!! For 5 long miscarriage-filled years we waited for God to fulfill His promise to us for a baby from my womb. Our fertility journey had so many ups and downs. We went through every emotion and sought God harder than ever before. That ttc (trying to conceive) season of our lives was that of pain and triumph. My TTC Story We knew we had confirmation from Jesus that I would be pregnant and carry our child. That […]

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