MonthSeptember 2023

Incredible Worship Song: “Love Note” by Upperroom featuring Abbie Gamboa¬†

Pink graphic with woman putting a post it note on a mirror with text overlay saying: Incredible worship song "Love Note" by Upperroom

“Love Note” by Upperroom is an incredible worship song about you and Father God. As Abbie Gamboa sings, I feel wrapped in the Father’s arms experiencing the deep love He has for me. I am sharing this song with the prayer that you will have a similar encounter with God. When we are learning who Jesus is worship songs are a great way to experience Him and His beautiful presence. Anointed Worship Every time I listen to this song my […]

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11 Reasons Why You Are An Overcomer & Not A Victim – Victory Is Your Portion

Many people struggle with a victim mentality. Overcoming self pity after my childhood of sexual abuse was one of my biggest hurdles. Self criticism can lead you to believing you are a victim. But, it’s not true! You Are Not A Victim As a child of God, you are victorious. You are not a victim. No matter what the enemy has thrown at you, you are more than a conqueror. The path from victim to victor lies in your belief […]

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5 Reasons You Need To Start A Self Care Journal To Receive Healing And Emotional Wellness

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Does how you perceive yourself matter? Yes, my girl! It matters. Your self talk is very important because it determines your future. Starting a self-care journal is a great strategy for personal growth. By journaling you are getting to know your feelings, your thoughts, and your potential. You can then use these journal entries to help you to develop your personal growth goals. How you feel about yourself and how you talk to yourself are so incredibly important! According to […]

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10 Ways To Let Go Of Hurt And Betrayal For Emotional Wellness And Healing

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Time to read: 14 minutes Could the betrayal you suffered in your life be the very thing God is using to usher in your God-given destiny? Many of us have suffered betrayal including Jesus. When Judas betrayed Jesus it began the journey of His trial, death and resurrection. The betrayal of Judas had to happen. Without Judas we would not have the resurrection of Jesus Christ which is the cornerstone of our faith. Does that make Judas a hero? Certainly […]

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