Books I’m Reading This Summer

Last Updated on September 10, 2023 by Rayna

Here's a quick look at the current books I'm reading. My nightstand has a devotional, a bible book, and a deep book on our time in history.

I love a good book! And, I’m sure you do too. That’s why I decided to share the books I’m currently reading. Please comment on the post and share your current list of books too! I can’t wait to hear from each of you.

My Current Devotional

For a devotional, I started “Jesus Lives” by Sarah Young. This is a great read because it’s all about observing the love of Jesus in your life. The author does a phenomenal job of speaking in 1st person as if Jesus is speaking directly to you. It may sound weird but it’s amazing! Seriously, I highly recommend this book! Get yours here.

My Two Other Books

I’m also reading “Encounter the 3D Bible” by Dr. Susan Michael. This is a great read so far because Dr. Michael guides you not only on how to read the bible but she also offers excellent context on the history of each story.

Dr. Michael often travels to Israel as part of her role as the USA Director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. She teaches you the story behind the story making it come to life (hence the 3D Bible title). She does an excellent job of this because of her extensive knowledge of the geography and history of Israel. It’s a great read! You can purchase the book here.

The third book I’m reading right now is called, “Cosmic Shift: A New Season of Faith” by Christopher Paul Carter. I highly recommend this book as well because the author is teaching about the time in history that we are in and how it relates to our past and our future. While this is a “deep” book, it’s also intriguing and a page turner.

Mr. Carter speaks extensively on how the heavens tell the story of time. It’s so interesting and I think you will get a lot out of this book. I know I am! The book was written in 2015 but it feels like a right now word. Get your copy here.

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