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The fertility category on the Seeking Him Today blog features posts about how to navigate the emotional rollercoaster of fertility treatments with a faith-based perspective for Christian women.

Embryo Adoption Awareness: Answering Your Questions

Image of an ultrasound photo of an embryo with overlay text saying "Embryo Adoption Awareness: Answering Your Questions"

Embryo adoption is the opportunity for infertile couples to use donated embryos to grow their family. I am writing this post to answer your questions. As a mom who adopted an embryo to grow my family, I want to give back and hopefully help another family in their fertility journey. The embryo adoption process consists of adopting another couple’s extra embryos that were created in a previous in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle.  As the adopting family, you are the surrogate […]

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5 Comforting Miscarriage Prayers With Bible Verses

Image of flowers with text overlay saying 5 Comforting Miscarriage Prayers with Bible Verses

Do you know someone who recently had a miscarriage? As a woman who endured three miscarriages before the birth of my first child, I can relate to the broken heart that comes with the pain of losing your unborn child. During each difficult time of miscarriage, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit near to my heart but I still needed prayer after my first miscarriage and the two after that. There are so many difficult things that go through your head and your heart during this time […]

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5 Easy Tips To Survive PIO Shots For IVF Transfer

Image of a woman holding a baby with a text overlay saying: 5 Easy Tips for PIO Shots - a complete guide

I have put together 5 easy tips to help you with administering your IVF transfer cycle progesterone injections. This is my take on how to deal with PIO shots as an IVF patient myself. If this is your first time dealing with an injection needle then you are in the right place. The “PIO” in PIO shots is the acronym for progesterone in oil injection.  Table of Contents My Take On IVF Shots As A Patient As a person who hates shots, especially IVF shots, I was so scared […]

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The Promise of Isaiah 54: From Barrenness To Increase

Image of flowers with a text overlay saying: The promise of Isaiah 54: From Barrenness To Increase

Let’s learn the promises within Isaiah 54 which explain how we can go from barrenness to increase in our lives. Isaiah 54 is a chapter that the Lord has given to me over and over again. When I say given to me I mean that this chapter of scripture has been prophesied over me and that Jesus has led me to this specific chapter of Isaiah since the beginning of my walk with Him. I have read it and declared […]

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The “Isaiah Song” by Maverick City Music With Video

pink graphic with a text overlay saying: Prophetic Worship, Isaiah Song by Maverick City Music With Lyrics & Video; then there is script text saying: includes my fertility story!

The latest version of the Isaiah Song from Maverick City Music is absolutely amazing and filled with Holy Spirit anointing. During my fertility journey, which was an extreme time of personal growth, my friend texted me this new song and I was so incredibly blessed.  The Isaiah Song is based on much of the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament but I can see direct references to Isaiah 43 and Isaiah 54. The bible verses of this passage of […]

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The Promise

As my baby naps next to me and I fold her laundry I feel so incredibly grateful. I have sat in this same living room heartbroken and in despair after miscarriage after miscarriage over the past few years. I had a promise from Jesus. It was the promise I had been standing on for over five years and I kept crying out to Jesus saying, “You said I will have a baby. Despite what I see, I believe You.” I […]

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Don’t Give Up

FIVE YEARS Y’ALL!!!! For 5 long miscarriage-filled years we waited for God to fulfill His promise to us for a baby from my womb. Our fertility journey had so many ups and downs. We went through every emotion and sought God harder than ever before. That ttc (trying to conceive) season of our lives was that of pain and triumph. My TTC Story We knew we had confirmation from Jesus that I would be pregnant and carry our child. That […]

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Jesus Answered!

Jesus answered me and my husband’s prayers for a baby just like He said He would! On Christmas Eve of 2021 our miracle baby girl was born. She is more perfect than we could have ever imagined. And her story is that of miracle proportions. Our Christmas baby!! She is most definitely a GIFT! To get to her we were matched through embryo adoption. Our yes led to our baby girl’s first chance for life after two years of being […]

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11 Ways To Stop Doubting Your Destiny Based On Hebrews 12

My heart’s cry is to teach others what I have learned. This blog post will give you specific instruction on how to stop doubting your destiny. My battle for fertility has marked my heart. It has confirmed to me without a doubt that God plans our path. It’s up to us to partner with Him for the path to unfold but I firmly believe He plans it beforehand and it is ours for the taking. The reason I believe this […]

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Top 10 Trendy Maternity Clothes Picks

Now that you are pregnant you want to look cute right? I certainly did!! With the weight gain, fluid retention and all the wonderful changes that happen during pregnancy having a good outfit that you feel beautiful in goes a long way. Here are my top 10 trendy maternity clothes picks that won’t break the bank. Check out my trendy yet affordable (well, mostly) maternity picks! Top 10 Picks for Trendy Maternity Clothes Best maternity Little Black Dress (LBD) Hands […]

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