The fertility category features Seeking Him Today blog posts about my fertility journey and how to navigate the emotional rollercoaster. Fertility is not for the faint of heart! I hope these posts encourage you to keep going and RUN YOUR RACE! Your baby is coming!!!

Prophesy Your Promise

Blog post by: Rayna PiazzaThe worship video is linked at the bottom of the page 😉 I absolutely love this song, “Prophesy Your Promise” by Bryan & Katie Torwalt. It was an unexpected love, as I didn’t even know they had a new album out or anything. My friend Natalie sent me a link to the YouTube video to check it out. Immediately, the lyrics resonated with my fight for my own promises from God. As I listened my heart […]

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Raise A Hallelujah

Blog post by: Rayna Piazza As I sat down to pick out my Christmas cards online this year I was stuck. I could not pick a design and it wasn’t because I didn’t want to. I practically begged my husband for us to do Christmas cards. He jokingly calls them a WOM (as in ‘waste of money’ – lol!) and he tries to eliminate them from the Christmas budget each year. I, on the other hand, love sending out Christmas […]

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