Emotional Wellness Journal Guide

Last Updated on February 9, 2023 by Rayna

Emotional Wellness Journal

Emotional Wellness Journal

The Emotional Wellness Journal helps you to focus on your triggers and the emotions that follow. When we can identify our triggers we create a window into our emotional pain. Emotional pain eventually leads to emotional wellness because the pain is a guide to where healing is needed. Healing is imminent when you face the pain.

I want to encourage you to journal it out. Journaling your feelings is a great way to receive emotional pain because it makes you stop and assess the challenging situations you are currently facing. Setting aside time to reflect on the situation will help tremendously.

How To Use the Emotional Wellness Journal

Before opening your phone each day commit to a few minutes in your Emotional Wellness Journal to set the tone for the day. Track your progress, document your growth, and get your feelings down on paper. The simple task of journaling each day has been know to be one of the most effective and helpful techniques for reducing feelings of fear and anxiety.

The Emotional Wellness Journal is a simple and effective tool you can use to identify thoughts, feelings, and triggers around each anxiety-inducing situation you face in your life today. Remember this. You were not created to constantly worry or always have a pit in your stomach. Release your feelings and thoughts with the Emotional Wellness Journal.

Why I Created This Journal

I created the emotional wellness journal to help you to take steps to reduce fear and anxiety in your life. This journal is primarily focused on your feelings and your triggers. Once those are identified you can go down the path of uncovering their source. You will start with articulating your current challenging situation. Then, you’ll go deeper to explore your feelings, triggers and thoughts surrounding the situation.
There is so much healing in realizing the root of painful triggers and the emotions that follow. I have used this journaling technique myself with a positive outcome. I am sharing this journaling technique with you with the anticipation of you having the same positive experience. 
Wishing you wellness,

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