Meeting My Inspiration: Lynette Lewis

Picture of Lynette Lewis and Rayna Piazza with text overlay saying: "Meeting My Inspiration: Lynette Lewis"

Over 14 years ago I went to women’s night at my new church and listened to Lynette Lewis spill her heart and tell her story. She was so inspirational because she was real. Lynette opened up about waiting until she was 42 years old to get married to the man of her dreams. Not only did she marry the love of her life, she also inherited four beautiful sons and became a stepmom. As she spoke that evening at my church she revealed that God had placed a dream in her heart for twin girls. She also shared that she had recently experienced a miscarriage and as her tears flowed mine did too. Watching Lynette be so vulnerable on that stage inspired me to be my true self.

I had just moved back to my home town in Louisiana and the adjustment was not easy. After living over 12 hours away for more than 7 years, I was back and I had to face all my pain. I was still single at age 32 (which was not the plan). And, worst of all, I had to face my past. A past filled with the secret of being sexually abused not only by my stepdad but by my own father and having a mother who covered it all up. A past filled with the shame of acting out and doing pretty much every inappropriate thing you could imagine. Why did God want me to come back here? It was a difficult time in my life. But, here I was showing up and facing it. It’s all I could do at the time. Show up. And then there was Lynette sharing her story.

Getting Inspired

Lynette shared how she showed up and believed in her dream for a husband even as the years continued to pass her by. She stood in faith despite the odds looking seemingly against her. As I listened intently to her message, I heard distinctly from the Lord. He said to my heart, “I have a husband for you.”

It was just like the first time I had heard from Jesus that way back in 2003. I knew that I knew that God had audibly spoken to my heart. The first time it happened I was with my ex-boyfriend Scott. He was hugging me telling me that we should get back together after breaking up 2,467 times and I heard the voice of God say, “This is not the man I have for you.” It was so loud to me I looked at Scott thinking he had heard it too. From that day forward I broke up with Scott for the last time.

Fast forward to this moment in church in 2008. It had been five years since I had heard Jesus speak audibly to me about my husband. I was wrecked in the best of ways. I knew Lynette was on to something and my curiosity was piqued. How did she wait so long? What kept her going through the loneliness?

The Barren Seed

Lynette taught that night about the seed and how we should not call dead what is only barren. The barren seed comes to life in its season. I remember it to this day like it was yesterday. She challenged us to speak life to our barren seeds and pick up our faith again to believe for them to grow in their season. She said over and over again that our story would be for His glory. I made a commitment that day to not give up on my dream for a husband. I was 32 years old at the time and my faith was fired up again!

And so my journey with Lynette Lewis began. Although I had never met her personally I felt like I knew her. I followed her blog and signed up for her emails. Every time I received an email from her I would make it my priority to read it and take her advice. One day, this video surfaced called, “Ron and Lynette Lewis Family Miracle.” I cannot explain to you how much seeing this video meant to my heart. Spoiler Alert! Stop reading here and watch the video before going to the next paragraph! 😉

Miracle Video

This video was posted in January of 2014 and I still had not met my husband. You see, in 2003 I decided to dedicate my life to God. With the dedication I also asked Father God to pick my husband. It was a bold move but I knew that the men I had picked in the past were not at all right for me. When I saw Lynette speak in 2008, five years later, I was inspired to hold on to my dream for a husband AND for God to pick him.

Now another six years had passed and I was still waiting. But, that year, the year of 2014 was different. 2013 had been pivotal because I completed my first mission trip to Brazil and it had changed me in the best of ways. I knew now that God was going to give me a husband. I was sure of it! And, when I watched Lynette’s miracle video I sobbed because I knew Jesus was going to do the same for me that He had done for Lynette. I knew my faith would not let me down the same way Lynette’s faith had not let her down.

Meeting My Husband

In September of 2014 I met my husband at a bible study at my best friend Ann’s house. We met and got married in nine months time!!! When you know you know! And, guess what? Similar to Lynette’s story I inherited two of the most beautiful sons I could have ever asked for and I became a stepmom. God placed a desire in me and my husband’s hearts for more children and we started believing for our miracle baby. After five years on my fertility journey, as I write this to you today, I am 32 weeks pregnant with our miracle baby through embryo adoption. I always knew I would adopt and watching Lynette’s story of adoption inspired me EVEN MORE to hold on to my dream.

My Own Miracle Story

I went to lunch with my friend Gia a few weeks ago and she asked if I would like to join her for a luncheon featuring Lynette Lewis as the speaker. I could not believe it! Only Jesus could set up a lunch almost 14 years later when I was married to the husband of my dreams AND was 8 months pregnant with our miracle baby. I was like, “I WILL BE THERE!” I kept thinking to myself, “I have to share with this woman how much she has inspired my life.”

As we walked up to the entrance of the luncheon there she was. Lynette was walking in and it was a God moment. I didn’t have to fight the crowd to get to her because she was right there. I introduced myself and told her how inspirational her life had been to mine. She was delighted and told me to definitely connect with her after the lunch.

A Letter To Lynette


You have inspired me beyond words! Thank you for your selfless walk with Jesus and for so vulnerably sharing your heart about everything from your career to your family life and especially about your walk with Jesus. After listening to you in 2008 I decided to dig my heels in and believe for God’s best. My story is that of redemption in so many ways. I am a survivor of child sexual abuse including sex trafficking. Your Stilletto Run inspired me to own my story and heal my heart. I have read your book called REMEMBER THE ROSES: HOW TO HOLD OUT, HANG ON, AND MARRY THE MAN OF YOUR DREAMS not once but twice!

Your words spurred me on to keep me going during my barren years. I’ve even given this particular book to my single friends as the absolute perfect gift. My faith is different because of you. I have followed you on social media and stayed up to date with your emails and they have helped me tremendously. My gratitude toward you is deep. Keep running your race because people like me are watching and God is using you to inspire us to go to higher places with Him. May God bless you and keep you, precious woman of God. With all that I have I thank you!


Rayna Piazza

Rayna Piazza is the author of the Seeking Him Today blog. She has over 15 years of experience in emotional healing ministry. Her experience includes completing Bethel Sozo ministry training including Basic Sozo Training and Advanced Sozo Training; ministering weekly to at-risk teens in foster care (2008-2012); serving on Prophetic School Ministry team in Brazil on a mission trip (2013); serving on Aglow International board of directors for Mandeville Aglow Chapter (2014-2015); leading emotional healing ministry groups for women (2016-2020); leading HVM prayer hub group (2023 to present); and assisting in pastoral care counseling as the support person for over 10 years. 

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