New Children’s Bible: “Moments with Jesus Children’s Encounter Bible” by Bill Johnson and Eugene Luling

Last Updated on October 21, 2021 by Rayna

I was asked to review the “Moments With Jesus Children’s Encounter Bible” by Bill Johnson and Eugene Luling. Now that I’ve got my hands on this incredible children’s bible, I will be adding it to baby girl’s library. I have even decided to start reading it to her while she’s still in my womb. I’m 28 weeks pregnant and it’s never too early!

About the book

This beautiful children’s bible has a hard cover, beautiful illustrations and teaches your child (and you!) how to encounter Jesus. It includes 20 stories from the four gospels. One of my favorite stories so far is the depiction of Peter and Jesus when Jesus calls Peter to come and follow Him. The story is based on Luke 5:1-11.

Here’s Luke 5:1-11 in the The Passion Translation

On one occasion, Jesus was preaching to a crowd on the shore of Lake Galilee. A vast multitude of people was pushing to get close to Jesus to hear the word of God. He noticed two fishing boats at the water’s edge, with the fishermen nearby, rinsing their nets. Jesus climbed into the boat belonging to Simon Peter and said to him, “Let me use your boat. Push it off a short distance away from the shore so I can speak to the crowd.” Jesus sat down and taught the people from the boat. When he had finished, he said to Peter, “Now row out to deep water to cast your nets and you will have a great catch.” “Master,” Peter replied, “we’ve just come back from fishing all night and didn’t catch a thing. But if you insist, we’ll go out again and let down our nets because of your word.” When they pulled up their nets, they were shocked to see a huge catch of fish, and their nets were ready to burst! They waved to their business partners in the other boat for help. They ended up completely filling both boats with fish until they began to sink! When Simon Peter saw this astonishing miracle, he knelt at Jesus’ feet and begged him, “Go away from me, Master, for I am a sinful man!” 9–10 Simon Peter and the other fishermen—including his fishing partners, Jacob and John, the sons of Zebedee—were awestruck over the miracle catch of fish. Jesus answered, “Do not yield to your fear, Simon Peter. From now on, you will catch men for salvation!” 11 After pulling their boats to the shore, they left everything behind and followed Jesus.

Luke 5:1-11, The Passion Translation

Each chapter has a “Let’s Talk About It” section to engage your child with meaningful questions that are age appropriate. My favorite thing about the children’s bible so far is the way the authors engage the reader. Jesus is presented in a way that feels comfortable and engaging. The tone creates the feeling of sitting with Jesus and getting to know Him.

How do I get it?

There are two ways you can purchase this Children’s Bible:

I know you’ll enjoy this children’s bible! It’s in Baby Kaela’s library and I’ve already begun reading it to her in the womb.



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