Jesus Answered!

Jesus answered me and my husband’s prayers for a baby just like He said He would! On Christmas Eve of 2021 our miracle baby girl was born. She is more perfect than we could have ever imagined. And her story is that of miracle proportions. Our Christmas baby!! She is most definitely a GIFT! To get to her we were matched through embryo adoption. Our yes led to our baby girl’s first chance for life after two years of being […]

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National Infertility Awareness Week

In honor of the 2021 national infertility awareness week (April 18th to 24th), I am going to share my experience in this area of my life. I have been on my fertility journey for over five years, which I think qualifies me to speak on the subject. I never wanted to be qualified in this area, but here I am and I feel I have something really valuable to share with you. My journey has shaped and molded me in […]

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