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Refresh Your Internal Dialogue: Overcoming Constant Self Criticism

Let me ask you a serious question. Would you talk to someone else the way you talk to yourself? Self criticism is a form of self hate. You can stop sabotaging your dreams by changing your inner dialogue. Your words have so much value. Let’s use our words for personal growth instead of using them to criticize ourselves. The tongue has the power of life and death… Proverbs 18:21, NIV You were created to fulfill your entire God-given destiny and […]

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How to Put An End To Negativity In Your Life In 30 Days Or Less While Still Keeping It Real

Could a thing as menial as negative thinking be stifling your future? I never thought my thinking was a big deal until I realized what I was thinking about. Let’s just say that what was going on in my head was not pretty. As I began to uncover my thinking, I was surprised at the negativity that was spewing from my mind. If I’m being honest, some of my thinking shocked me and your thoughts may surprise you too. Keeping […]

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