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Emotional Wellness Journal Guide

Emotional Wellness Journal The Emotional Wellness Journal helps you to focus on your triggers and the emotions that follow. When we can identify our triggers we create a window into our emotional pain. Emotional pain eventually leads to emotional wellness because the pain is a guide to where healing is needed. Healing is imminent when you face the pain. I want to encourage you to journal it out. Journaling your feelings is a great way to receive emotional pain because […]

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Mindset Journal Guide: Get Back In Your Right Mind

I am so happy to announce that the Mindset Journal is now available on Amazon for purchase!! I can’t wait for my subscribers to try it out. Journaling about your mindset creates an atmosphere for self discovery, inspiration, and motivation. As odd as it sounds, mindset journaling is a gateway to get to know yourself. Sometimes we have repetitive thought patterns that never have been questioned or investigated. Mindset journaling allows for you to uncover your thinking for personal development […]

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The Power of Gratitude: The 30-Day Gratitude Journal Guide to Emotional Wellness

Welcome to the 30 Day Gratitude Journal Guide! I am so excited to announce that the 30 Day Gratitude Journal is now available on Amazon. This journal is more than just a product; it’s a piece of my heart, birthed from a deeply personal journey. As I embarked on my own path of emotional healing, attending counseling sessions, uncovering memories of abuse, and facing challenging days, I carried with me the belief that my experiences could one day help someone […]

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