Top 4 Dream Books for Dream Interpretation

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Here are the top 4 dream books that helped in my dream interpretation journey. Read more in the dream category on Seeking Him Today.

When you go to sleep and have a dream you are receiving an invitation from Father God to go deeper in your walk with Him. In my pursuit to understand my dreams I used these top 4 dream books to help in my dream interpretation journey. I want to share them with you so you can see how easy it is to learn how to analyze your owns dreams with the help of Holy Spirit.

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My Go To Books for Dream Interpretation

Each of these books has helped me tremendously! If you are trying to save money, I recommend with starting with two of the books. Since you probably already have a bible, I would start with the Name Book and then you can choose one of the dream dictionaries (Ira Milligan’s Book or The Divinity Code). Of course all four books are amazing but I totally get it if you want to start with only two of the top 4 dream books.

Here’s my Top 4 List of Dream Interpretation Books!

#1 – The Life Application Study Bible

I can’t give you dream book recommendations without encouraging you to read the actual bible stories that inspire dream interpretation right?! The reason I recommend this particular bible is because it is a study bible. I encourage you to go and read Genesis 41 about Pharaoh asking Joseph to interpret his dream. When you read this passage in the Life Application Study Bible you will learn the context of the story. For example, the study bible references Genesis 41:14 in the footnotes saying that it was not Joseph’s knowledge of dreams that helped him interpret the Pharaoh’s dream that day. It was his knowledge of God that led him to know what to do and say in the situation. This is such a great reminder that everything we do should always be birthed out of our knowledge of God as opposed to anything else.

#2 – The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Dreams You Dream

Ira’s book was so easy to understand and it was actually the first dream book I had ever read. Dream interpretation for me was such a mystery in the beginning. Ira helped to break down key concepts like numbers in your dream and colors in your dream. His book includes a great dream dictionary as well.

#3 – The Divinity Code to Understanding Your Dreams and Visions

The Divinity Code took my dream interpretation to a new level. The dream dictionary alone is so amazing. But we also have to look at the research these two authors have done which is equally incredible. The examples in this book really helped me with application. It was in here that I learned dreams are interpreted as symbols and each symbol can have many adaptations. So interesting!

#4 – The Name Book

I mention this book in my Dream Life Worksheet because it is so important! You don’t have to get this particular book but I highly encourage you to use a Christian name meaning book when learning name meanings. The reason I highly recommend this particular book is because of the detailed analysis the author offers on each name. You will find out the language origin and cultural origin of each name. Then she gives you the inherent meaning and the spiritual meaning. She also includes the best part, which is the scripture associated with each name. The scripture reference alone for each name has helped me tremendously in my dream analysis.

Treasure Hunt

5 Steps to Dream Analysis Worksheet Digital Download

I think of each of my dreams as a treasure hunt. When you dream it creates a spark that announces there is a treasure to be found. The books are the detailed journeys on the map guiding you. And the dream interpretation is the heavenly treasure you receive when you figure it out. What we do with the heavenly treasure is up to us. I want to encourage you that your dream, God’s invitation to you to seek more of Him, does not stop at finding the treasure. That is only the beginning!

I have created a Dream Life Worksheet that is a step by step guide showing you how to analyze your dreams. The dream life worksheet helps you to organize each piece of interpretation (prayer, symbols, name meanings, etc.) then piece them together to get the interpretation. Dream interpretation, just like anything, takes a little practice before mastering the skill. This worksheet will help you to analyze and receive the meaning of your dream.

Steward Your Dreams

What you steward you will get more of! By taking your dreams seriously and seeking Jesus for their meaning you are stewarding the heavenly treasure given to you. In this stewardship God will look upon your life and call you faithful. Then He responds to your faithfulness with His faithfulness. And, your journey of seeking Him goes deeper!

To the faithful you show yourself faithful,
to the blameless you show yourself blameless

Psalm 18:25, NIV

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