Wrong Teachings In The Church About Heart Pain And How To Right Them

As Christians, we’ve been taught wrong. We’ve been taught that life is hard, you will suffer, and we should grin and bear it until we get to heaven. Like we are just sitting ducks until we get to heaven.

I’ve heard pastors say you are not of this world based on John 15:18-19.

18 “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. 19 If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.

John 15:18-19

You Were Made To Fulfill Your Destiny On Earth Before You Go To Heaven

Some pastors say that you were made for heaven, not for this earth, so you’re just going to be hated and misunderstood here but it’ll get better when you die and go to heaven. Many Christians have this mindset that we’re not going to truly enjoy ourselves and feel fulfillment until we get to heaven. They live by this concept that they’re supposed to take the punches and white-knuckle it until Jesus comes. 

What? No. No. No. That’s not what that means. Yes, Jesus saves us and you are a new creation in Christ. But, there’s more to the story and it goes so much deeper than that. As a matter of fact, if you’re a believer, Jesus is already in your heart RIGHT NOW.

You were made to fulfill your destiny here on earth before you go to heaven. We don’t get to skip the part where we fulfill God’s call on our lives. As Christians, we are not supposed to be here just waiting for the rapture or until we die and go to heaven. We have a calling to fulfill.

I have heard of people deciding not to have children because the rapture is coming. This is wrong teaching. The truth is that you were placed here on earth at this time because you have something to offer in your lifetime.

Jesus Will Save You From Your Heart Pain

One of Jesus’ primary purposes is to save you from yourself so you can fulfill His plan for your life. What part of yourself is He saving you from? The part that’s hurt and broken. Once we as Christ’s followers get THIS memo the world will begin to look different. You were made for now.

You were made to fulfill your call on this earth today. Each day you are given is a gift to start again and get it right. So, what’s the barrier standing between your destiny? The barrier is your heart pain.

Emotional pain consists of the places in you where you’ve experienced heartache and as a result, your belief system changed to believe a lie. These lies could be anything from I can’t because I’m not good enough, I should conform because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, or whatever lie took root in your heart hindering your destiny.

As a believer, this is what should be happening in your life: 

  • You are supposed to mature in Christ.
  • You are supposed to change and grow.
  • You are supposed to acknowledge and deal with every, single heart pain holding you back. 
  • You are supposed to enjoy your life abundantly.

As followers of Christ, we have Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Father God living inside of us. We have everything we need to grow and heal and CHANGE right now. Your life should look different from season to season.

It might get messy. Who cares! Just keep going. Sometimes it’s hard for the people in our lives to get on board with what God is speaking to our hearts. Do it anyway. 

Dealing With The Fear Of Man

When I was trying to get pregnant in 2020 I was asked by several (Christian) people if I really wanted to bring a baby into this world with the world being in the state it was in. And I have to tell you, it fired me up!! The pandemic was placing fear on them not to dream or fulfill their call, then they were trying to pass that fear along to me.

My answer to those asking was, “Yes, I want to bring a baby into this world so I can raise her to reign as Jesus intended. And, I also want to bring my baby into this world because it is part of my divine purpose. She is supposed to be here and it’s my job to get her here.” 

Think about how many wonderful things in our lives we have missed out on because of the fear of what others think or the fear of how the world is going to be. This is no way to live. I have the mindset that nothing will thwart the plans of God for my life based on Job 42:2. 

“I know that you can do all things; no plan of yours can be thwarted.”

Job 42:2

Fulfilling Your Destiny

Getting to heaven is not my end goal. It’s part of the plan but it’s not my goal. My goal is to fulfill my destiny here on earth.

I want to be able to answer yes to these kinds of questions. Did I love well? Am I fulfilling my purpose? I want to seize the day!

My end goal is to do everything I can here on earth with what I’ve got right here, right now. I don’t want my life to be wasted. My life (and your life) is an incredible gift. Our lives are an invitation from the Trinity to partner with Him and bring His will from heaven to earth. 

You Are The Answer

If you are living your life just to get to heaven then you have been taught wrong. The goal for us as believers is to fulfill our God-given destiny here on earth by partnering with Jesus through intimacy. 

Our goal, as Christ’s followers, is to behold Him and in that beholding, we find out who we really are and why we were created. Then we get to show up and fight to fulfill every single one of our destinies and dreams. 

You are the answer. You are the answer the world has been looking for here on earth and if you always want to leave to go to heaven you’ve been taught wrong. We’re supposed to stay AND we’re supposed to reign with Jesus. 

The Billion-Dollar Question

You are the solution. So, that leaves the billion-dollar question, how do I get there? How do I fulfill my destiny and enjoy each day here on earth? The quick answer is to listen to your dreams and deal with every hindrance standing in your way.  

My son posted this reel about fulfilling your dreams and it’s very encouraging. The biggest takeaway going through my mind when I watched was, “he gets it.” Our thoughts and dreams are another way God is speaking to us.

Here’s the reel about your dreams and thoughts. 

After seeing this reel, I felt relief knowing that my son understands that his purpose is bigger than him. He has deeply realized that he’s supposed to go after the things that others say are impossible. If it’s a dream in your heart that just won’t go away then you are meant to complete it. Believe God for the impossible! 

And, I want you to get it too. So how do you get there? You get there by seeking Jesus and getting to know Him. Then you deal with your heart pain. 

Sitting With Jesus

I believe that Jesus cannot wait for the day when you two sit together and dream together. During those encounters, He can impart to you why He made you. Then, the icing on the cake is that you get the privilege of fulfilling that call. And, to top it off, Jesus will supernaturally give you the courage, wisdom, strategy, stamina, and love you need to fulfill that call. 

You get to know Jesus by spending time with Him. Here’s how:

  • Let Him show you your heart pain and journal about it. Triggers can be windows into your heart pain.
  • Ask Him to show you how much you are loved.
  • Say a prayer and invite Jesus into every area of your heart and soul.
  • Surrender to His plans for your life because they are so much more fun and exciting than anything you could think or imagine.
  • Learn to trust Jesus by reading the Bible and finding out who He is.

Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for his miraculous power constantly energizes you. 

Ephesians 3:20
  • Put on some worship songs and sing to Him.
  • Ask Him your hard questions and wait on Him for the answer.
  • Jesus wants to get to know you and for you to be with Him with no agenda other than connection. 

I wrote this blog post to encourage you to deal with your heart pain so you can fulfill your God-given destiny. Here’s the truth about your life:  

  • You have a purpose.
  • The battle for righteousness is worth the fight.
  • Jesus’s plan for you is better than anything you can think or imagine.
  • You are the answer.
  • Your dreams are the most important thing because they are a window into your destiny and purpose.

Rayna Piazza

With over 15 years of emotional healing ministry experience, Rayna Piazza blogs about emotional wellness and personal growth for Christian women. Rayna believes that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in her (Romans 8:11) and that you too can experience His power if only you believe. Tag along with Rayna to explore heart pain, learn your purpose, and walk in your God-given destiny. The Seeking Him Today blog is named in the Top 100 Best Christian Women Blogs and Websites by Feedspot.

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