Mindset Journal Guide: Get Back In Your Right Mind

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I am so happy to announce that the Mindset Journal is now available on Amazon for purchase!! I can’t wait for my subscribers to try it out. Journaling about your mindset creates an atmosphere for self discovery, inspiration, and motivation.

As odd as it sounds, mindset journaling is a gateway to get to know yourself. Sometimes we have repetitive thought patterns that never have been questioned or investigated. Mindset journaling allows for you to uncover your thinking for personal development and growth.

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The Mindset Journal

I designed the Mindset Journal to create a place for you to write down what you’re thinking about. You can read more on the importance of your thoughts in this blog post. Negative thinking is so toxic. I am writing this to you today because I used to be the worst negative thinker! I worried about everything and I had so much fear and anxiety because of it. Thankfully, I was able to overcome my awful thought life by journaling.

Journaling helped me to not only uncover my negative thoughts but also to reflect on where this thinking started in my life. Talk about life changing! It was a serious game changer to uncover my negative thinking started and that’s one of the biggest reasons I created this journal for you.

The faster you can stop worrying the quicker you can move on to achieve your goals and accomplish your dreams. This journal will help you to get your thoughts on paper. From there you can determine whether that particular thought is a truth or a lie. 

The Mindset Journal creates space for you to journal about your thoughts, assess your challenges, focus on truth, and reflect on the lessons you are learning. This journal is a great tool for long term emotional health. Journaling is known to be one of the most effective and helpful techniques for reducing feelings of anxiety and unrest. Writing your thoughts and challenges also keeps a record of life’s highs and lows which helps drive personal growth.

How To Use The Mindset Journal

Before opening your phone each day commit to a five minutes in your Mindset Journal to set the tone for the day.

The Mindset Journal is a safe place for you to uncover your thoughts, feel your feelings, then write about your feelings. When you are faced with a challenge the best thing you can do is journal your thoughts and feelings. The journaling process will track your growth and give you an opportunity to learn from your experiences.

In a recent study by Lucas S. LaFreniere and Michelle G. Newman, the primary results revealed that 91.4% of worry predictions did not come true. This means that over 90% of the worries that cross your mind will never ever come true. Incredible! Knowing the majority of our fearful thoughts will NEVER come true is such a relief.

The Mindset Journal is great tool for uncovering your thinking and bringing it to truth. In Romans 12:2, the apostle Paul teaches us to renew our minds. The Mindset Journal is a great tool for transformatio because as you are writing your thoughts you create an opportunity to renew your mind with truth. From there you can articulate the lessons you are learning in each of your life’s situations.

There is so much healing in uncovering negative thought patterns and bringing them to truth. I have used this mindset  journaling technique myself with a positive outcome for. years. I am sharing it with you with the anticipation of you having the same positive experience. 
Wishing you wellness,

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The Mindset Journal also makes a great gift for friends and family. Thank you in advance for all your support and love!

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