Never Lose Hope

Blog post by: Rayna Piazza

Let’s pick up in Psalm 27:7-14. You can read the prior blog on Psalm 27: 1-6 here. David encourages himself to never lose hope no matter what he faces. He cries out to God in desperation. As I mentioned in my last post, this Psalm was written while David was waiting for his promise to be king. You see, he was not king yet and King Saul, the current king, had released an army to kill David. But, David knew he had a promise and he was holding on to it for dear life.

God Hear My Cry

God, hear my cry. Show me your grace.
Show me mercy, and send the help I need!
Lord, when you said to me, “Seek my face,”
my inner being responded,
“I’m seeking your face with all my heart.”
So don’t hide yourself, Lord, when I come to find you.
You’re the God of my salvation;
how can you reject your servant in anger?
You’ve been my only hope,
so don’t forsake me now when I need you!

Psalm 27:7-9, The Passion Translation (TPT)

Recall to God His Hope

I love how David starts recalling to God what He has said to him in verse 8. Reminding God with, “Lord, when you said to me, ‘Seek My face’ I responded!” Then, David requested that God not hide Himself. He reminds God that He’s his only hope. This is so encouraging to me!! You mean I can petition God to hear me? Well, David did and it’s in the Bible. Let me ask you this. When you seek Him do you find Him? Do you hear God’s voice? He’s speaking, so position yourself to listen.

David Reminds God of His Circumstance

10 My father and mother abandoned me. I’m like an orphan!
But you took me in and made me yours.
11 Now teach me all about your ways and tell me what to do.
Make it clear for me to understand,
for I am surrounded by waiting enemies.
12 Don’t let them defeat me, Lord.
You can’t let me fall into their clutches!
They keep accusing me of things I’ve never done
while they plot evil against me.

Psalm 27:10-12, TPT

In a desperate attempt to get God to move on his behalf, David continues to remind the Lord of his circumstance. He asks God to teach him all about His ways to tell him what to do because he’s surrounded by ‘waiting enemies.’ Then, he gets emotional and cries out for God to rescue him. He says, “Don’t let them defeat me, Lord.” I can imagine that mentally David was spent. I mean, how long can one take being hunted? The stress of staying alive had to be miserable.

Let’s read on…

13 Yet I totally trust you to rescue me one more time,
so that I can see once again how good you are while I’m still alive!

Psalm 27:13, TPT

Total Trust

In the face of total fear for his life, David’s response is total trust. Wait what?!!! That’s exactly opposite of what society teaches. When I was confronted with my pain I was told to get on anxiety medicine, not to seek out how to trust God. The popular answer would most likely NOT be to totally trust in God to rescue you one more time. But, here it is. This is David’s answer and this is the lesson for us to learn today. In the face of fear, what do we do? We totally and completely trust in our good God who loves us beyond any level we can think or imagine. We never lose hope in the One who first placed hope in our hearts.

Don’t Give Up & Never Lose Hope

Then David goes on to explain what he’s learned from it all. His revelation brings me to a new place of trust in Father God.

14 Here’s what I’ve learned through it all:
Don’t give up; don’t be impatient;
be entwined as one with the Lord.
Be brave and courageous, and never lose hope.
Yes, keep on waiting—for he will never disappoint you!

Psalm 27:14, TPT

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! This kind of Bible talk makes my YEAR! David is my jam! Look what he’s facing…and, more importantly look how he responds. Our response to life’s hardship is vital to our success. It’s the lifeline to our victory.

David was just crying out to God for his life. After that, he turns around and responds with total trust. And finally, he recounts his life lesson. Which is a life lesson for us too; he encourages us to not give up and not be impatient. Not be impatient? Wow. That’s a hard one. I sure do know about things taking awhile!! For instance, my husband and I have been through fertility. We are actively waiting for a baby through adoption or natural conception. The wait is hard, but David encourages me to not fall into impatience. David encourages me (and you!) to be entwined as one with the Lord. To be brave and courageous and to never lose hope.

Decree Your Hope

You see, the Book of Psalms is a book of prophetic decrees. Not only is David teaching us how to respond to pain; he is prophetically decreeing that if we keep on waiting, God will never (repeat NEVER) disappoint us. Read these decrees aloud:

  • Father God will never disappoint me
  • Through the power of Jesus Christ, I am brave and courageous
  • I decree to never lose hope!
  • I will not give up!
  • Lord, fill me with Your patience.
  • Entwine me as one with You, Father God

As you decree these truths over your life, you will watch the giants fall. After all, perfect love casts out fear (1 John 4:18). Seek that love from Father God and I promise you will find it. To sum it up, choose to learn about Father God’s love for you. I encourage you to learn about the secret place as I mentioned in my blog on Psalm 27:1-6. As you learn, I believe you will encounter the truths of God’s love. Father God is the One who will give you everything you need to overcome your circumstance and to never lose hope!

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