Dream Interpretation Resources: Books, Printables, How To Questions To Ask About Your Dream

Blog Post by: Rayna Piazza and Karon Walsh – An Interview featuring Dream Interpretation Resources

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This post is part two of an interview with Karon Walsh. You can view part one here. Karon ministers through intercessory prayer, one-on-one counseling, dream interpretation and so much more! She’s a warrior for Christ and she is so anointed! Read on to learn more on dream interpretation.

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Rayna: What dream interpretation resources do you recommend?

Karon: There are many dream interpretation resources in the body of Christ. Remember we are to go to God first and then use these resources as a guide. God gave you the dream as an invitation to seek Him. Your dream is an enticement to know more of Him and to go deeper in your walk with God. It’s an insight into your heart. God is always speaking to our hearts. Here’s a list of books to get you started:

Rayna: Can you give us an example dream?

Karon: Yes. One example is that you can have a healing dream where you wake up from the dream and you are healed. I had a dream where I was sitting with a doctor and he was showing me how he was going to heal my digestive system. He was showing me that the healing was going to come in steps. Well, who is the doctor? Who is the Great Physician? That’s Jesus! In the dream interpretation I realized Jesus was showing me that He was healing my digestive system and it was going to come in stages.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.

Proverbs 25:2 NIV

Rayna: How do we use the books/resources to analyze our dreams?

Karon: Start with a dream journal and put it next to your bed with a pen. As soon as you wake up from the dream write as much as you can get down so you don’t forget. The key things to write down here are how you felt, the oddities in the dream, and the context. How does the dream parallel your life? If you find that something is odd in your dream then your radar should go up. You should focus on that odd thing because it is a big deal. God is using the unusual things to get your attention.

After you write down the dream then answer these questions:

How to analyze your dreams image with text
  1. What was the focus of the dream?
  2. How was I feeling in the dream?
  3. What oddities (where you think, “that was weird!”) were in the dream?
  4. Which symbols were in the dream? What were you doing? For example, if you’re riding in a car it could mean “what drives you” or the car could represent your ministry. Remember that dreams are personal to you and God is speaking in your language.
  5. Pay attention to colloquialisms in the dream and write those down too. For example, if you live in Chicago you call a soft drink “pop” but if you live in New Orleans you call it a “Coke.” These things are key because God is speaking to you personally in the way you speak. Ask yourself, “what does this mean to me and how does it relate to my life?”
  6. Who was in your dream? Write down the names and look up the name meanings. Usually when someone is in your dream you are dealing with that part of yourself and the dream is not (most of the time) about the other person.
  7. What would I title this dream? Be sure to use adjectives and adverbs and create a detailed title. Sometimes you can get the entire dream interpretation just through the title.
  8. Ask yourself, “What is God communicating to me through this dream? Ask God for direction. If you have a dream of a medicine you are taking then ask God, “should I be taking this medicine?” If you dream of current relationship and things are difficult in the dream ask God, “is this a warning that this relationship is toxic?

Sometimes one dream is connected to another dream. I highly recommend studying the parables in the Bible. The same way Jesus taught in parables in the gospel is how He is communicating to you in your dreams today.

“It is our honor to steward what God gives us.”

Karon Walsh

Rayna: What other things should we look for in our dreams?

Karon: If there is a pattern in your dream you want to pay attention to that. The pattern represents an area God wants to focus on. Sometimes God will give you a series of dreams. I know an inventor that was given a popular invention in his dream. God laid out the ins and outs of the invention in two or three nights of dreams to this man.

Rayna: Will you give us some examples of dreams and what they mean?

Karon: Sure! I have had the healing dream where God showed me that He was going to heal me in stages. God has physically healed me since then. If you have a bathroom dream you are getting rid of stuff. That’s a good dream! You can have a direction dream. Remember in the bible the dream that Joseph had (Matthew 2:13) where he was given the direction to get on a donkey and take Mary to Egypt. That was all given to him through a dream.

I have had spiritual warfare dreams where I was getting free of fear and rejection as I mentioned in my first interview blog post. God can also give you a business idea in a dream. You could have a word of knowledge dream where God gives you a word or a message for someone else to encourage or guide them in some way.

Dreams are communicated in symbols

There’s also the possibility of having an instruction dream where God leads you in a situation. Most dreams will come from your spirit, from God, and/or from the demonic realm. And, God can use all of this to communicate to us if we have a surrendered heart. God uses the soul (your mind, will, and emotions) and the demonic dreams as a symbol to reflect on the things going on in our lives that need direction and healing. The more we allow God to take the walls down and let Him correct us the more He will fix these broken places that sometimes we don’t even know that we have. These things could be having a negative influence in your life and God wants to heal that. For example, sometimes there is something behind an attitude, which generally is a root, and it’s something Jesus wants to heal.

Rayna: Will you pray for us to have dreams like this?

Karon: Of course! Let’s pray:

Father God,
We love you and we desire to know you. We ask you to open our heart and mind to receive dreams from you. Lord, teach me how to interpret dreams so that I can become more like you and become fruitful for your kingdom.
In Jesus name,

To learn more about how God is still speaking through dreams today head over here. Also, check out my blog post on 5 Ways to Analyze My Dreams. To get the Dream Life Worksheet, which a printable that guides you through analyzing each dream click here.

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