Dream Interpretation: 5 Step Guide To Analyzing Your Dreams

The Seeking Him Today blog is all about learning how to seek God in every area of your life. I have put together a 5 step guide to analyzing your dreams to help with your dream life. God still speaks through dreams today which brings up the question, “Do my dreams have meaning?” And, my answer is yes, yes, and more yes!

One of the ways to seek Jesus today is by analyzing your dreams. Jesus can speak to us in millions of ways but we know from the Bible that one of those ways is through our dreams. Let’s look in Genesis 41 at how Joseph responded to Pharaoh when asked if he could interpret dreams.

Dream Interpretation: 5 Step Guide To Analyzing Your Dreams

15 Pharaoh said to Joseph, “I have dreamed a dream, and there is no one who can interpret it; and I have heard it said about you that you can understand a dream and interpret it.” 16 Joseph answered Pharaoh, “It is not in me [to interpret the dream]; God [not I] will give Pharaoh a favorable answer [through me].”

Genesis 41:15-16, Amplified Bible

The key here is to recognize that Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit are the actual dream interpreters. We take the dream to Him and He breathes life on it for us to understand. 

Steward our dreams

It is our job to steward our dreams. If you commit to this then I believe you will find that Jesus is personally speaking to you and He has many treasures for you to find within your dreams.

If you are not a regular dreamer then pray before you go to bed and ask God for a dream. Every single time I have ministered this message about dreams to my bible study the person asking for a dream receives one if they pray! I’ll get a text or a phone call in the next few days and they are telling me about the incredible dream they had. Be encouraged because Jesus wants to speak to you through your dreams and it’s your honor to seek out the meaning.

12 Then you will call on Me and you will come and pray to Me, and I will hear [your voice] and I will listen to you. 13 Then [with a deep longing] you will seek Me and require Me [as a vital necessity] and [you will] find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. 

Jeremiah 29:12-13, Amplified Bible

Let’s get started

Dream Interpretation: 5 Step Guide To Analyzing Your Dreams

When you begin your dream interpretation remember that the goal is to go deeper in your relationship with Father God. Going deeper means intimacy. My counselor always explained intimacy to me as “into me you see.” I encourage you to let your walls down and be willing to show Jesus your true heart. In doing so you are giving Him permission to look into your heart and reveal to you the places where He wants to speak. In this place of intimacy and looking at your unfiltered heart, He can and will speak to you and bring revelation, healing, and growth.

Step One

Write out your dream – make sure to include as much detail as you can remember. And, don’t make this hard! You can use voice text into a note on your phone, type it up in a Word File, or write it in your journal. Just get the dream down so you can read it back and reference it to analyze your dream.

Step Two

Star or highlight the oddities in your dream – your radar should go up when you remember the weird parts of your dream. Jesus taught in parables in the Gospel so why wouldn’t He speak in symbols today. Symbols allow for Holy Spirit to show us the deeper meaning. Go back through your dream and make a note of the oddities or “that was weird” moments.

Step Three

Ask yourself two questions – (1) “how does this dream parallel my life?” and (2) “what are the oddities and/or patterns in my dream?” You may not need to answer both questions to analyze your dream but I recommend using them as a guide to get you started.

Step Four

Go deeper – if you still feel that you need more answers you can go into more detail and dig deeper. You can start by identifying the names of people in your dream, concentrating on the “focus” of your dream, remembering the feelings you had in your dream, and, seeing if there were any specific colors in your dream. This is the step where I use one of my dream dictionaries. If you want to learn more head over to my Top 4 Dream Books blog which includes my recommendations.

Step Five

Pray – place the dream before Him and ask Jesus to show you what your dream means. I encourage you to write down what God shows you then pray into the dream meaning for it to come to pass or for you to heed the warning. Prayer is us partnering with God to bring His will on earth. Don’t forget to pray into your dream!! It’s the most important part. 🙂

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What do I do when I get the dream meaning? 

Dream Interpretation: 5 Step Guide To Analyzing Your Dreams

When you get the dream meaning pray about it and ask God to heal you or direct you in that area of your life. 

For example, I had a recent dream that my college boyfriend came back into my life and wanted to date me again. In the dream I refused to date him but I woke up wondering why I had that dream. It intrigued me to seek Father God for the meaning. I then prayed about the dream and looked at my dream books for reference. In doing so, I felt like God was speaking to me and showing me that an old relationship was a symbol of me entertaining my old thought patterns that I had during that time in my life. 

Since my dream was about a past relationship and the dream meaning was that I was falling into my old ways of thinking, I asked God to heal me in this area. I reflected on what area of my life I was entertaining old thinking and I recognized the dream as a warning to not fall into my old ways. I then prayed about it and asked Jesus to help me to see how He viewed the situation.

Another Example

I had a dream that I was graduating from school. I prayed about it and asked myself the question, how does this dream parallel my life? Am I graduating from anything? After praying and seeking Jesus I had my answer. My dream meaning was that I was about to graduate from a certain trial and situation in my life. I had been praying about this situation for years and I was so relieved that it was about to be over. Can I get an amen?! This dream was a good one! Lol! In response tot he dream, I praised God for the growth He had done in me during that season and for where He was taking me in my journey. I was thanking Him and through prayer I was partnering with Jesus to make a healthy transition to this new area of my life. 

My heart is to bring to you the revelation I have received from Father God. Part of that revelation is that He wants to speak intimately to you specifically within your personal life. God is not some faraway ruler trying to control your every move. He is your Daddy and He wants to lovingly father you so that you reach your potential. 

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

Jeremiah 33:3 NIV

I want to encourage you to call out to Jesus and ask him to tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. He may answer with a dream! And, now you’ll be ready!! 

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