Recognizing the Road to Emotional Healing: 4 Clear Signs You’re Healing Inside

Text graphic saying: Recognizing the road to emotional healing: 4 clear signs you're healing on the inside.

The road to emotional healing is messy and uncomfortable. All of those quotes about stepping out of your comfort come to life during the healing journey and it’s not pretty. When we face our fears and visit our past it tends to reopen wounds that we thought were gone forever. Overcoming emotional pain can feel daunting. That’s why I decided to create a list of the four clear signs of emotional healing.

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Emotional Healing & Trusting Jesus

Emotional wellness is a result of developing trust in Jesus, renewing your mind, and consistently living a healthy lifestyle. When I first heard about healing my emotions I remember thinking to myself, “It’s so hard for me to even access my emotions much less heal them.” In my walk with Jesus, I felt like I was trusting Jesus and renewing my mind but I definitely was not living a healthy lifestyle. My life was all over the place. And for that reason, I decided that I was finally was ready to dive into they why of it all. You can read more about my story of overcoming childhood sexual abuse here.

As I dove deeper into the trust issues lingering in my heart, I realized there were areas where I thought I trusted Jesus but when it came down to it, I felt abandoned and rejected. My thinking around trust was warped and I knew I needed to get to the bottom of it. You can learn more about the healing process and what steps are involved in emotional healing here. For now, let’s look at the how far you’ve come based on these four signs that indicate you’re further than you may think!

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As you read these four clear signs that your heart is healing from emotional pain, I want to encourage you to focus on how far you have come. Give yourself hug for coming this far. Emotional healing is a sign of strength and maturity in your walk with Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.

You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, 12 that my heart may sing your praises and not be silent. Lord my God, I will praise you forever.

Psalm 30:11-12, NIV

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Sign #1 of Emotional Healing: You don’t self destruct when you are triggered

The first sign that you are receiving emotional healing is that you no longer self destruct when you are triggered in your emotions. When you start to respond rather than react you know that you have made significant progress in emotional healing. Slowing down and observing are key components to getting to this point in your emotional healing journey. Recognizing and overcoming triggers is a huge victory. Here’s a list of victories over triggers.

  • You are able to think rationally
  • You navigate emotionally painful situations with empathy for yourself
  • You start to trust yourself 
  • You start to have clarity and not confusion 
  • Your peace trumps panic and anxiety 
  • You are less fearful 

Sign #2: You put healthy boundaries in place and you keep them 

The second sign of emerging emotional wellness is that you put healthy boundaries in place and you keep those boundaries. Healthy boundaries are about you and not the other way around. As you put boundaries in place you are taking care of yourself no matter what the other person does. There are so many good things that happen when you honor your personal boundaries. When healthy boundaries are in place you can expect these benefits.

  • You have self confidence
  • Your self worth increases
  • Old behaviors no longer define you
  • You walk out of shame
  • Bad influences no longer impact in your life
  • You can spend time alone with yourself and enjoy it 
  • You feel total peace when you are alone 

Sign #3: Your self talk changes from negative to positive

The third sign that you are healing your emotions is when you experience a significant change in how you speak to yourself. When your self talk changes from negative to positive you have overcome self criticism, which is birthed out of emotional pain. Being too hard on yourself is an issue of self care and not loving yourself well. As you heal from self hate you can look for these changes.

  • Your responses change (for the better!) because your thinking has changed
  • You take care of yourself physically with healthy eating and exercise
  • You love yourself by making time for yourself including times of rest
  • When in conversations with others you are now listening rather than waiting to talk again
  • Your capacity for others has increased because your empathy has grown

Sign #4: You are able to keep a routine

The fourth sign of emotional healing has to do with consistency. When you arrive at the place where you are able to consistently keep a routine it’s a great sign! The chaos in your life is significantly reduced because you are at peace with God, yourself and those around you. This becomes evident when you are keeping a regular routine in your life. Here’s what a regular routine looks like.

  • You regularly set aside time for yourself
  • You feel peace in the midst of chaos
  • During mishaps you realize your strength comes from Jesus (instead of blaming yourself)
  • You turn to faith first rather than to fear, anxiety, and thinking the worst

If you have not achieved all four signs of emotional healing don’t beat yourself up. We are all works in progress! These four signs of emotional healing are great goals for your personal growth journey. For more scriptures on victory and how to be an overcomer, check out my blog post on 11 Reasons Why You Are An Overcomer & Not A Victim – Victory Is Your Portion

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