Top 10 Trendy Maternity Clothes Picks

Now that you are pregnant you want to look cute right? I certainly did!! With the weight gain, fluid retention and all the wonderful changes that happen during pregnancy having a good outfit that you feel beautiful in goes a long way. Here are my top 10 trendy maternity clothes picks that won’t break the bank. Check out my trendy yet affordable (well, mostly) maternity picks!

Top 10 Picks for Trendy Maternity Clothes

Best maternity Little Black Dress (LBD)

Hands down my most worn item! This dress was perfect for pretty much anything. I wore it out to dinner, shopping, and doctor appointments. I also added different silky jackets or a long sweater jacket to change up the look.

Best baby shower dress

I am 5’8″ tall so the maxi dresses are perfect for me. I wore flat gold sandals with it which were super comfortable. If you’re shorter you may need to wear some platform wedges with this dress which would be super cute. At my height the wedges would have looked weird but still a great dress.

Best maternity casual summer dress

This dress is not only casual and easy, it’s super comfortable. And, best part is that it’s not maternity! Woop!! This dress can be worn after your little bambino arrives. I consider it a staple in my summer dresses collection.

Best maternity workout leggings 

I bought these leggings hoping they would have good coverage (meaning that they were not see through when I bent over) and I was so surprised at how much I liked them! I wore them throughout my pregnancy. Not only did they have great coverage over my bum, the front panel made them super comfortable. I ended up wearing them in my casual outfits and for working out.

Best maternity t-shirt

This t-shirt is amazing because it is super long to cover your entire belly and waist band. The material is a soft cotton that is semi-thick…not too much but not too little. I found myself always looking for this particular t-shirt throughout my pregnancy.

Best maternity workout shorts 

I am not a fan of most workout shorts but I was so hot my entire pregnancy that I decided to give these a try. And, ironically I am still wearing them postpartum. The waist line is under the belly and these shorts are comfortable and not too short for my 40-something age legs. I actually ended up getting a second pair of these shorts because I liked them so much.

Best maternity workout shirts

Okay, these workout shirts were hands down my favorite! I would compare them to my Lululemon workout shirts that I wore pre-pregnancy. They have a great cut on the arms and back AND full coverage over your baby bump. The material is great for wicking away sweat and I liked the color selection. My favorite was the pink leopard print. I wore that one all the time!

Best maternity joggers – over the bump

Must-Have alert!!!!! These joggers were worn every time they came out of the dryer! I seriously loved them and I wore them postpartum to baby’s first pediatrician appointment. I think these joggers got the most compliments of all of my maternity clothes. And they did a great job of making my bum look smaller than it actually was which I will take any day of the week!

Best maternity jeans 

I bought these jeans with high hopes. They were pricier than I would normally spend but I wanted to look good in my jeans while pregnant. Madewell is my favorite brand of jeans while not pregnant so I splurged on these. And I have to tell you, while they were super cute and fit better than my gap and target maternity jeans, they are still jeans. My opinion of jeans while pregnant is that they are great for the second trimester and early third but once those last six weeks come around I had to put these back on the shelf. They were great while they lasted though!!!!

Best maternity jersey leggings

Not only are these leggings a GREAT price (hello $9) but they looked great too. I found that toward the end of my pregnancy my jeans were just too tight all around but the leggings were so super stretchy. I ended up wearing these way more often than I thought I would. Leggings plus pregnancy equal happiness!! LOL

Other fun favorites:

Best “fun” dress 

This dress is a BLAST! It’s bright and fun and best of all it’s not maternity. I’m a big fan of Petal + Pup. The website refers to this design as bump friendly and that it is. I wore this to a friend’s bridal shower and received so many compliments. I can’t wait to wear it again in the spring with my baby!!

Best summer dress

Another Petal + Pup favorite. The print pops and is super fun!This dress is also bump friendly and it’ll be one of my staple summer dresses this year. Another plus is that this dress was not super short on me and fell to above my knee. If you are under 5’2″ish this dress may be too long.

Best maternity joggers – under the bump

And, last but not least, I cannot leave out these joggers. I used these to work out and for chilling around the house. The material is amazing and they were super comfortable. This is another maternity pick that I’m still wearing postpartum.

I hope y’all are enjoying my top 10 trendy maternity clothing picks!! This post was super fun to put together. HAPPY SHOPPING!!!! 😉

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